Students wishing to apply to this Graduate Program must hold a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree in disciplines such as Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, or related areas. Applicants who hold a degree from a foreign institution must present an equivalence of his/her grades and/or Master’s degree, if applicable.

To apply:

1- Complete the Application Form using the following format (click here)

2- Write a letter explaining your motivation for applying to this program.

3- Prepare an updated Curriculum Vitae

4- Obtain certified copies of degree(s) and grades.

Send documents 1-4 by mail or e-mail to the address indicated in the Application Form.

In addition,

5- Request Letters of recommendation from 2 references using the following form (click here). Request that these letters be sent directly to the Program (refer to information in “Letter of Recommendation form”). It is your responsibility to ensure that the Program receive all the documentation required, including the Letters of Recommendation, before the due date (see “Dates” under “For Applicants”).

6- Record your interest in this Graduate Program at the portal of Graduate studies of the Universidad de Valparaíso. To do so, please “click” here.


  • Admission to the Program will be based on:
  • The analysis of applicant’s academic and professional background.
  • The admission exam, which evaluates the knowledge and skills of each applicant.
  • A personal interview during which the coherence between the background, motivations, and experience of each applicant is evaluated
  • The selection process is carried out by members of the Program. Results are communicated to each applicant via email.